Chill-0ut/EDM music artist/producer, Alexx Antaeus, has released his first single in over 10years. “Angel” co-written and produced by the DJ, featured vocals from famous Jamaican dancehall artist,Tommy Lee Sparta, and Gregorian chants from Steven Wilson of twice Grammy‐nominated vocal group, NewYork Polyphony.

Alexx Antaeus is an award‐winning composer, recording artist and producer. He has been involved in recording, remixing and producing for a diverse selection of artists such as Young M.C., Falco, Lonnie Gordon, Malcolm McLaren, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, The Rolling Stones, The Boys, Herbert Gronemeyer and Earth, Wind & Fire. His first album was Byzantine Meditation in 1997 followed by World Prayer and zero4. “Angel” is the first single off an upcoming album from Alexx Antaeus, due out in the Fall of 2016.

“‘Angel’ was an awesome experience. I thank Alexx for his creative influence on this record. It was an honour working with him. We had great chemistry in the studio. “ ‐Tommy Lee Sparta

“It’s an exciting project for me because I studied electronic music and audio engineering in college but my graduate studies were in ancient church music, so this was an amazing blend of two big interests of mine.” ‐ Steven Wilson of the New York Polyphony





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