Reggae recording artiste Nesbeth will make his first ever appearance on a major festival in Germany/Europe this summer at Reggae Jam. They say hard work pays and it sure does because watching this artiste excel in his career is yet another testimony to that fact.



Nesbeth has become that artiste whose music you just can’t get enough of. The soft spoken, polite and hard-working Kingston 13 resident has over the last 10 years, built himself a musical catalogue that is vastly comparable to the philosophies and teachings of any great motivator. With every track released over the past years, Nesbeth has not only improved his craft, notably word pronunciation, voice control, creativity and the strategic choice of riddims; but has been consistently encouraged, inspired and motivated music lovers.

I have watched Nesbeth transcend into one of the better reggae artistes in Jamaica

today. He has been consistently delivering clean and uplifting music about his life, his story and his struggle but what makes him interesting is that with each song he manange to outline a clear path to the end of his struggle. His way of communicating the lessons he’s learned through his music is what that makes him the good motivator he is.

Recently Nesbeth performed at Rebel Salute Jamaica and admitted his performance has been his best ever, “it’s the very first time I feel like I’m really into the performance” he told NIPnews, “this has got to be my best performance ever.” When Nesbeth took the stage with his backing band, cheering fans fuel his already hyped up and eager energy to perform before the type of crowd that yearn to be uplifted, to be entreated with positive and uncensored reggae music. He performed tracks from his recently released Victory EP to include Ole Ganga Lee, Hundu Lay Lay, Marijuana, and Taste Victory as well as long time chart topping tracks Boardhouse and Guns Out.

Nesbeth’s path to victory however, could not be spoken of without mentioning the label that has brought him to the fore, Entertainment Soul. Since his signing with the UK based label, Nesbeth’s career has soared to new heights. Entertainment Soul must be credited for their professional handling of his career and the direction it has taken as well as packaging of his brand that has now made him marketable and ready to make a favourable impression on the international reggae music industry.

Iba Mahr Returns from US Tour & Release New Single “Mama Rosie”
New York, New York (January 26, 2015). Fast rising Reggae phenomenon Iba Mahr is currently enjoying the great reviews of his recent performance at this years staging of Sting & Rebel Salute. Rebel Salute is one of Jamaica’s biggest two day festivals, which highlights roots and conscious music.

Returning from his six city tour of the United States (West Cost), Iba Mahr was definitely energized and ready for the Rebel Salute crowd. While on the West Coast Iba Mahr co-headlined each night with double platinum selling band Katachafire. Katchafire are no strangers to success with their current hit single in Hawaii titled “Down With You” they truly live up to their title “World Famous of New Zealand”. The group was also very excited to share the stage with Iba Mahr on this tour.



” Having Iba Mahr on the road with us was a blessing and great vibes” says member of Katachafire. While on tour they visited Oakland California, Santa Cruz, Anaheim, Selena Beach, Big Bear Lake, Las Vegas Nevada and each night was remarkable.

“Performing on the West Coast for the second time was a joy. Sharing the stage with brother Katchafire from New Zealand, created an even greater momentum going into my debut album “Glory of The King” coming this spring. Thanks to Roland, Jermaine & Mikki of Lionhouse for the opportunity” says Iba Mahr.

The fans came out and enjoyed every moment. While on stage I allowed my fans to interact and sing with me and it was a great joy and experience. I want to big up Katchafire band for the opportunity as well” says Iba Mahr.

Iba Mahr who recently celebrated a birthday is giving thanks for life by thanking his mother with the release of his new single “Mama Rosie”. “This song means a lot to me, I just want to give thanks to my mother, Mama Rosie, who stood with I even through conflicting beliefs and hardships of life…it was her decision to bare the pain of giving life to I and for this all of I & I is For her!

Iba Mahr single ‘Diamond Sox’ remains on BBC1Xtra playlist since late 2014 and continues to maintain heavy rotation with renowned DJs David Rodigan, Toddla T, Seani B and many others who represents reggae in the UK. Diamond Sox remix with Reggae crooner Tarrus Riley has propelled the single to attain international recognition and continues to be a must play in the clubs.



Dancehall Superstar Konshens Release Video for
“Talk About it Tomorrow”

Dancehall super star Konshens release a sensual, sexy video for his new single “Talk About it Tomorrow”. The single talks about the rough times in relationships, when tempers fly and hurtful words are exchanged yet, Konshens solution is lets talk about it tomorrow and make love tonight.

Konshens dj’s about a way to relieve those stresses and stop the argument, why not make love, and stop the fussing, “I wanna free your brain of all your pain and sorrow and lets talk about it tomorrow” say Konshens.

The video taken with very dim lighting is a very sexy yet artistic style video, which shows a couple getting ready to show each other how much they love each other and have no time for arguing tonight.



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